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Installations and Retrofits from an Experienced Plumber

Ensure your building is well equipped both above and below the surface by hiring one of our licensed and qualified plumbers. At Nor-Line, we can retrofit existing equipment with new state-of-the-art systems, controls, and design enhancements. We also offer complete replacement of heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and other mechanical systems complete with engineering if required. We can install the latest in energy efficient appliances to suit your requirements and budget.


Nor-Line’s plumbing division offers expertise in repairs, renovations, and construction of plumbing, fire protection, and pump systems. We provide services for all aspects of the trade, including:

High pressure water jetting for drain or concrete surface cleaning

Hydronic heating

Hot water heaters/tankless water heaters – commercial & residential

Fire protection & irrigation pump systems

Circulating pumps, sewage ejector pumps, duplex pump systems

Potable water distribution

Backflow prevention installation/certification/engineering

Mold & asbestos abatement

Non-potable water/water treatment service/glycol systems

Cleaning & descaling of pot feeders

Water softeners, ultraviolet sterilization, reverse osmosis water treatment, drinking water filtration

Basement waterproofing/foundation drainage

Holding tanks service and installation


With our vast experience, our team at Nor-Line can assist with a wide variety of drain repairs and services such as:

Repair & installation of new drains

Emergency drain clearing

High-pressure cleaning of drains

Excavation of drains and/or water services

CCTV camera inspection & locating


A backflow preventer is a check valve that prevents water from flowing backwards into a drinking water supply line which could result in contaminated water supply. There are degrees of protection ranging from a vacuum breaker on a garden hose line to reduced pressure zone backflow preventers commonly used in an industrial setting where chemicals are connected to water lines, and if pressure was lost on the water supply, a cross contamination could occur.

What type of BFP device is used and where it is installed depends on the application and hazard level. Backflow devices are tested with specialized, calibrated test equipment, by certified backflow testers. They are tested for leaky check valves, defective shut-off valves, differential relief valves, etc. They are required by provincial and municipal plumbing codes and must be tested annually and tagged. Test reports are submitted to municipalities by Nor-Line on behalf of their customers.


Nor-Line’s Typhoon trailer is ideal for clearing large sanitary and storm drains, lift stations and elevator pits, garage floors, and parking lots with 2500 psi pressure water to clear grease, sediment and debris. A 200 gallon holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications. This specialized equipment can be used for water jetting and pressure washing and in conjunction with camera inspections, locates and confined space equipment to ensure your problem is solved.

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